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February 2022 - It's full steam ahead for our duo

What a busy month February has been! We have received so many inquiries and bookings in the last few weeks, that our 2022 summer calendar is starting to look quite full. We have lots of weddings to look forward to and have so far managed to secure 3 camping trips too! This month we also appeared in Your Sussex Wedding magazine, featuring in their 'Real Weddings' section, thanks to our part in the NHS and Carers wedding competition of 2020, as well as posting a quarter-page advert. Our website continues to generate most of our inquiries and is a great source of bookings for us, beyond our local community.

Our busking has been a bit hit and miss this month, thanks to some not so favourable weather in the form of storm Eunice, however, we have continued to go out when we can and even performed at our first wedding fayre, in Arundel Town Hall on Sunday 27th February. Next month sees the start of our gigging season, with our first wedding and a F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed birthday party in Oxfordshire. Needless to say, this has prompted us to try and learn the theme tune, 'I'll be there for you', which is a bit of a challenge given the short time we have, but I'm sure our hosts will appreciate the effort.

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