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Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before submitting your booking form.


Our Music

We play acoustically, so our performance is not amplified through speakers. We generally find this a suitable volume level for an audience of up to approximately 100 people in a medium sized room. We do not provide recorded music in between sets. We play a mix of contemporary tunes and some Caribbean calypso in a relaxed, “background music” style. Our current set list is available here.

Performance times

A typical performance is 1 hour - 90 minutes, but we are willing to adapt this to suit your event. Even the best planned events can have timing issues on the day. If your event is not running to schedule, we will be as flexible as we can, subject to our other commitments that day and you will not incur any additional expense.


Weather conditions

If the performance is planned to be outside, we would recommend having a backup indoor location available in the event of bad weather. Weather conditions can prevent an outside performance and we reserve the right to decline to perform outside if we feel there is risk of damage to the instruments.


Bookings & Payment

Your booking will only be considered as secure once we have received both the completed booking form and £50 non-refundable deposit. Our availability is not guaranteed until the booking is confirmed. Arrangements for discounted community or charity events will be discussed with clients on an individual basis.

Payment of balance: please ensure we have received the balance at least 7 days before the performance. We will accept payments in cash on the day if this is agreed in advance.



If you cancel the booking within 14 days of the performance, the full balance must still be paid because it is unlikely that we will get a replacement booking within that time frame. If you cancel the booking giving 15 days plus notice, we will refund the balance if paid, but not the original deposit amount. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the booking, we will refund the deposit and the balance if already paid. We will do all that we can to avoid a cancellation, but in exceptional cases of illness or other reasons there may be no other option. We will try to find an alternative band amongst our local contacts at your request, but there is obviously no guarantee of availability. You accept that we do not have any liability for the consequences of having to cancel a booking.

By completing the booking form, you agree to these terms and conditions.


Lastly, if you have any concerns, please just talk to us. We are nice people and will do whatever we reasonably can to help you!

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