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April 2022 - Wonderful weddings and busks on the beach

This month marks 4 years for us as a duo, and so it seems fitting that we have been to so many lovely places. From grand hotels near Guildford, to rural and rustic receptions on a farmer's field near Eartham, Chichester. Both weddings were equally special, although we were presented with some challenging weather at the latter, having to cling onto the pans against the wind while we played! Both brides, grooms and their guests seemed to enjoy our music though, and it is always wonderful to receive such complimentary feedback.

As well as our wedding performances, we also busked at Felpham Farmers market once again and had our second camping trip of the year, completing our first ever busking tour to the Isle of Wight. The sun shone brilliantly for most of the trip and we managed to find a lovely cafe, situated right on Sandown seafront that offered to let us play for their diners. It was the perfect setting for our pans and we even received a free meal from the owners, which was a very generous and unexpected bonus! The campsite we stayed at was brilliantly quirky and the entire weekend was the perfect way for us to celebrate an upcoming special birthday within our duo.

May, as always looks set to be another busy month, both personally and professionally, with lots of birthdays, weddings and other special occasions filling up our calendar. After a quiet couple of years, it is wonderful to be so busy again and we can't wait for the peak performance season to begin.

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