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July 2021 - Freedom day and a flurry of bookings

What a month July has been! After so many months of waiting and worrying, it seems that brides and grooms across the UK are finally starting to make grand plans for their special days again. We've had a flurry of enquiries and bookings this month, mostly through our website, which feels fantastic, and have a very busy time ahead! Another exciting headline this month is that we have finally purchased our very own little van for transporting equipment to and from gigs with ease - no more folding back seats, removing parcel-shelfs or repacking required! It's going to be great for road trips, as we are gradually expanding our performance area and venturing further afield to share our music. When not gigging, we are still out and about in the local community bringing smiles to people in Rustington, Bognor, Arundel and other local towns. Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages to find out where we have been. Here's a photo from our most recent busk outside Fig Café in Rustington.

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