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December 22 / January 23 - Christmas celebrations and a Happy New Year

We've had a busy December with lots of fun festive gigs, both in the local community and further afield. All were full of Christmas cheer and we hope to perform at many of the events again next year. Whilst we may have packed away our decs and festive tunes for another 9 months, we are always planning ahead, so will soon be thinking about which festive tunes we would like to learn for 2023.

Looking back over 2022, we feel incredibly blessed for all the unique special occasions we have shared and the wonderful events we have been a part of. We continue to meet lots of new faces and pass on our passion and pride about these beautiful instruments and what we do to everyone we meet. There is no greater feeling than seeing others smile and enjoying our music.

As we approach the new year, we are very excited to already have lots of bookings secured in our diary and would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. Our duo is constantly growing and strengthening and we are beginning 2023 feeling very upbeat and positive about our future. With new branding on the horizon and a couple of quieter winter months stretching ahead of us, we will be making the most of this time to learn more tunes for our set list and plan ahead for our busy spring and summer seasons.

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and would like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year. We look forward to sharing more updates with you in 2023 and thank you so much, again, for your continued support.

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